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We the People: Rights vs. Responsibilities | GC15
Episode 1525th May 2021 • Good Change: Conversations About Making a World of Difference • Ken Streater
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If anyone is qualified to speak as an advocate for the elimination of gun violence and the reduction of weapons of wars on our community streets, it is Dr. Kyleanne Hunter, PhD. As a hunter, former Marine, and now Air Force Academy professor, Kyleanne speaks about and encourages gun control from all sides of this issue. She was the first woman pilot of the Super Cobra attack helicopter, served multiple deployments in war zones, and was awarded seven Airstrike-Medals as this warship captain. She is all too familiar with the military version of the AR15, having experienced firefights in various battle zones. She is keenly aware of the politics and economics of gun manufacturers, having finished her active-duty time as the Marine Corps’ Legislative Liaison Office of the House of Representatives. Her perspectives are powerful and based in fully qualifying experiences that very few of us have.

In this episode, learn about the preamble to the U.S. Constitution as the guiding section of the Bill of Rights; how the Second Amendment was designed to protect the citizenry and not individual; the absolute need to live from the code that our rights can’t exceed our responsibilities; the consequences on our children from environments rife with PTSD producing influences; that the NRA has morphed from its original intent into a marketing arm of weapons manufacturers; how most gun owners want to drastically reduce gun violence; and what you can do on a local and individual level to effect change on our streets.


About the Guest: 

Kyleanne Hunter, PhD, is a Marine combat veteran. She was the first woman pilot of the Cobra attack helicopter, which she flew in multiple missions. She is now an Assistant Professor at the United States Air Force Academy. She has served the Brady organization on multiple levels. And, she is now the co-director of the Athena Leadership Project, which aims to reshape the role of women in the military.

Dr. Hunter’s TED Talk presents insights into her background and the mind-numbing devastation of the AR-15 on our streets. The soundtrack from inside a Parkland school classroom that is part of this speech should forever shake you into becoming a vocal supporter of the elimination of gun violence in America.


About the Host: Ken Streater shares eye-opening and heartening global experiences that reflect our shared dreams and concerns. A former international river guide and adventure travel outfitter who has worked and played in 50 countries, Alaskan bush teacher turned social good entrepreneur, Fortune 500 consultant, bestselling author, and keynote speaker, Ken has seen first-hand how common ground blooms greater good. From angry hippo showdowns to nuclear missile attacks, from billionaire shenanigans to Siberian soccer wars to quiet conversations with everyday heroes, these and other interactions inspire him to create good change.


Ken’s just released #1 Amazon international bestselling book, Be the Good: Becoming a Force for a Better World, is receiving rave reviews from movement leaders and readers alike. His podcast, Good Change: Conversations About Making a World of Difference is “where movement makers, industry leaders, visionaries, voices of hope, and everyday heroes gather to share ideas, laugh, and inspire action for greater good.”



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