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EVM054 7 Elements to Effective Video Strategy
Episode 5423rd July 2018 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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In this episode, I talk about the 7 key elements to an effective online video strategy. I break down all the steps to you for a deeper understanding of the framework that sits behind these elements. I also discuss how you can apply these in order to use video strategically and effectively to achieve your business goals.


In this episode

  • 7 elements to an effective online video strategy: audience, goals, content, distribution, optimization, metrics and production
  • Interrelation of all the 7 elements to each other to form a cohesive strategy
  • Audience: Ways of knowing and understanding your audience
  • Goals: The importance of defining your goals and knowing what action we want our audience to take
  • Content: What is content and why we should align our audience and goals to create it
  • Distribution: Key things we need to consider on how to get the content out to the right people
  • Optimization: How distribution and optimization are related and critical and the 2 factors to ensure that the content is found and engaged with online
  • Metrics: How to identify metrics that matter to use it strategically
  • Production: The reason why understanding the first 6 elements is critical to determine production
  • Ebook
  • Announcement of the pre-sale launch of the Online Strategy Blueprint Course
  • Sneak peek of the next episode with Jack O’Brien


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Ebook - 7 Elements to an Effective Video Strategy




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