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He Created Two World-Class Hearing Organizations – with Herbert Silverstein of The Silverstein Institute | Episode 003
Episode 38th February 2022 • Sarasota Stories • Bob Williams
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Do you suffer from ear, nose or throat problems? Sarasota arguably boasts the top medical facility in the United States specializing in these areas. For over 50 years the the Silverstein Institute together with its research arm, The Ear Research Foundation, has treated thousands of patients suffering from Tinnitus, Ménière's Disease, Hyperacusis and many others. 

In this episode, I interview Dr. Herbert Silverstein to find out ... Why he moved to Sarasota in the 1970’s from Philadelphia to start the Silverstein Institute ... What Tinnitus, Ménière's Disease, and Hyperacusis are and how can they be treated ... What products and procedures Dr. Silverstein developed over his 50-years in medicine ... What’s next for the Silverstein Institute …. and much, much more!




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