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STaR Coach Show - Meg Rentschler EPISODE 162, 27th November 2019
162: The Superpower of Gratitude: Meg Rentschler, PCC
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162: The Superpower of Gratitude: Meg Rentschler, PCC

In this Thanksgiving episode, we’re talking about an incredible superpower that deserves our attention and focus. Gratitude is something that is immediately available to all of us, and sometimes we need a friendly reminder of its impact and power. Join me to learn more about leveraging the benefits of the superpower of gratitude.

Show Highlights:

●    Gratitude expert, Robert Emmons, identifies two components of gratitude: affirmation of goodness and the recognition of the sources of goodness outside of ourselves

●    Why our focus often shifts to the division around us instead of the relationships in our lives for which we should be grateful

●    Science has made recent advancements in measuring the impact of gratitude on our brains, mental health, and overall well being

●    Benefits to practicing gratitude:

○    The brain is flooded with dopamine, giving a natural high that counters depression and anxiety

○    Emotions shift from negative to positive and build resilience to help us “bounce back” from trauma

○    Other benefits include higher self-esteem and better sleep

●    The 2012 University of Kentucky study showing that participants ranking higher on gratitude scales are less likely to seek revenge and more likely to be empathetic to others

●    A gratitude practice takes no special training or certification

●    Gratitude shares its benefits with both the giver and the receiver

●    Ideas for incorporating gratitude practice into daily life:

○    Keep a daily gratitude journal

○    Make charitable donations and/or volunteer your time

○    Tell others that you appreciate them

○    Write letters of appreciation

○    Have a daily trigger that helps you remember to express gratitude

○    Practice mindfulness and kindness to others

○    Release judgment

●    What are you thankful for today?