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Volley Changes Coaching and Consulting in an AMAZING Way
Episode 601st November 2022 • Profit From Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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Volley Introduces Monetization

I talk with Josh from Volley back on episode 55 and I mentioned that I wanted Volley to have a business plan. They launched Volley pro (where you get additional features) but for those who do coaching and consulting and want to get PAID, they just launch "Consult with me on Volley" and it is SO EASY.

It works with Stripe and so when people pay you Stripe deposits it into your bank.

Volley takes 5% of the transition and stripe will add the typical 2.9% etc fees

Create an Entry Level Consulting Service

If you have people who want to "Pick Your Brain" you can create a one-time service for (example) 10 minutes and then charge them a small fee. The person downloads the Volley app (it works on everything and it's free) and takes 3 minutes to ask a question. You take 2 minutes to answer it and the person has 5 more minutes to ask questions.

It is a great "Get you in the door" service that can easily help you start building relationships with leads and customers. The loyalty this can build in your clients is amazing.

See my Consult with Volley Page

My Weight Loss Experiment

I and a few friends found a free weight loss challenge app. It has inspired me to lose some weight. I'm now making it more official and adding a community for support with that pinch of competition (with obtainable goals, and nobody can see how much you weigh). There will also be zoom calls for accountability. If you want to see it in action (I'm building it as we go). see

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Today on this episode, if you're a coach, if you're a consultant if you are a creative, we've talked about volley in the past, and I'm here to tell you, they have put in some updates that are absolutely life changing when it comes to making money. I can't wait to see this in action.

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Welcome to profit from your podcast, proven strategies to turn listeners into a livelihood. Here's your host, Dave Jackson.

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