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Episode 158 – Wow, It’s Been 3 Years! with Stephan Abrams and Michael Moeri
Episode 15822nd September 2021 • The Jackson Hole Connection • Stephan C. Abrams
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In this week’s special episode, Stephan chats with Michael Moeri, the editor and marketing director of The Jackson Hole Connection podcast. In this episode, Stephan and Michael take a look back on the past 3 years of doing the podcast. Michael gets some insight on what doing the podcast means to Stephan and what motivates him to connect with so many people. They discuss some memorable and motivational guest experiences. At the end of the episode, Stephan and Michael also talk about the people they’d love to have on the podcast, but haven’t yet.  We’d love to hear from you. Give us a rating or a review in Apple podcasts or send us an email to Quite a few past episodes were mentioned in this week's episode, below are some quick links to use as a reference: Episode 1 – Putting Down New Roots with Tim Harland Episode 4 – Making Your Own Path in Life with Rick Howe Episode 36 – How to Sleep Better with Martha Lewis Episode 74 – One Family, Four Generations in Jackson Hole with Charlie Shinkle Episode 95 – Talking Hot Air with Virginia Powell Symons & Margaret Rose Breffeilh of The Teton Valley Balloon Rally Episode 100 – Hitchhiking to a Century of Life: A Chat with 97 Year Old Jeanette “Moosie” Woodling Episode 103 – How to Lead in a World of Transition with Ed Brenegar Episode 112 – A Modern Day Jackson Hole Epic with Andrew Munz Episode 129 – More than a Shooting Range with Shepard Humphries Episode 138 – Restructuring Comfort Food & The Film Industry with Erika Olde Episode 144 – Fighting for Affordable Housing with April Norton Episode 145 – Staying in Motion with John Zendler Episode 152 – Death by Toasting with Heather Gould & Polly Filice of Pearl Street Bagels Episode 154 – A Life of Invention and Adventure with John Simms Episode 156 – Take a Look, It’s in a Book (From Your Local Bookstore) with Wendy Dodson of Valley Bookstore Want to be a guest on The Jackson Hole Connection? Email us at Marketing and editing support by Michael Moeri (@thatsamoeri).