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The Cantankerous Catholic - Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy 7th March 2019
How Should a Catholic Respond to the Border Wall?

How Should a Catholic Respond to the Border Wall?

Main Topic:

As I write this, a battle is raging in America. Tump and most of the Right want to build a wall at our southern border. The Left doesn’t want the wall, and they claim any such wall would be immoral. But who’s right, from a Catholic perspective?

As a body in the USCCB, our bishops agree with the Left. They think a wall would be immoral too, and they are urging Catholics to fight its funding.

Here are a couple of facts:

  • An estimated twenty-million aliens are in America illegally.
  • President Trump asked Congress for funding to secure the border, but they refused.
  • President Trump says this is unacceptable, so he has declared a national emergency so he can fund the wall through other means. The basis for the declared emergency is his claim that illegal drugs pour through the border, sex trafficking pours through the border, and illegal immigration costs the country billions of dollars annually.
  • Opponents to wall construction say that President Trump and supporters of the wall are racist, because illegal immigrants are just seeking a better life.

Where do you stand on this issue? Should we build the wall, or shouldn’t we?

In this episode we talk about how the Catholic laity are obligated to view the wall on the basis of official Church teaching from the fourth and fifth Commandments. We also expose some startling facts about illegal immigration the mainstream media won’t talk about.

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This episode’s Catholic contributor is my friend Terry Barber.

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This episode features a true story about Leonardo da Vinci and his famous painting “The Last Supper”.


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