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EMF 101 (Electro Magnetic Frequency): Interview with Anthony Smith
Episode 2930th January 2021 • The Mindful Movement Podcast and Community • Sara and Les Raymond
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Mitigation of non-native electromagnetic frequencies begins with awareness. In this episode Les chats with Anthony Smith from EMFSafe and gets the low down on the potential exposure of dirty electricity that we are subject to. These frequencies are a part of our indoor environments and can have a deleterious effect on our biology if gone unchecked. Hope you enjoy the episode!

Anthony Smith, Director of Operations is partner with founder Dan Evison at EMFSafe, Inc. and works in the Medford, Oregon office. Anthony is an EMF Consultant and has a background in product development and marketing (with mostly health related products) professional photography, web development and ministry. Anthony is married to Sheryln a professional jazz singer and has three adult children.


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