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10. Will be the new Amazon and what you should know about this emerging platform with Hunter Stutz
Episode 1010th January 2023 • The eCommerce Sharehouse • Russell Steed & Emerson Hammer
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Hunter Stutz, from Pitted Labs, talks to us today about the ins and outs of Pitted labs started out as an amazon agency and has expanded into multiple different channels including a fulfillment center and VC firm. One of their most unique expertise is on taking brands who sell on Amazon and expanding their reach to

Hunter dives into how compares to Amazon, why a brand would want to sell on, how to be successful on, and what expectations they should have while selling on Spoiler alert, it won't be as big as Amazon, at least not yet, but as an early adopter your brand will be able to capture traction on before it really takes off.

If you are interested in talking with Hunter and Pitted labs, please visit their website here.




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