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Failure As a Product Manager
Episode 157th February 2023 • Trying to Product • Parv Sondhi and Alex Cox
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Failure as a Product Manager

Failure is inevitable and is part of the process of being a product manager and it isn't fatal, but the failure to change might be. In fact, there's more to learn from failure.

In today's episode, Parv and Alex straighten out on failures as a product manager. Tune in as the two savvy product managers share insightful reflections, show you how to internalize learnings, recover from failure in style and use them as building blocks for your next project.

Join Parv and Alex as they chat about:

  • What constitutes a failure to them as product manager [1:39]
  • Micro and macro failures as a product manager [4:50]
  • Some of the major reasons why a product manager is likely to fail [7:20]
  • Valuable approaches and strategies to handling failure [22:56]
  • Pulling away from the tendency to focus more on the solution rather than the actual underlying problem 
  • How to bounce back highly and from failure [30:10]

… and so much more! 

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But examine what went wrong. Was it a wrong assumption? Was it the wrong problem you're focusing on? Was it just that different sorts of stakeholders needed more alignment? Just take that chance for the moment to dive deep into it, figure out where some of the mistakes happened, and then use that as a building block for your next project.

The easiest way to avoid failure is probably just to meet expectations. But it's also the saddest way to get anything done. There's an art to it.