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Women Over 50 - A Life Redesigned - Shelly Drymon 2nd September 2019
Interview with Leanne Bennet - Third Quarter Life

Interview with Leanne Bennet - Third Quarter Life

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Leanne would describe her later adult life as a series of transformations. She’s choosing life on her terms, which includes knowing what’s not working anymore, finding alternatives and no more WALKING ON EGGSHELLS. 

Leanne is one of many women who felt they previously had no voice, now deciding “Enough is enough”. They are finding the courage to make a change, or series of changes that will rewrite their story forever.

  1. Find your voice (everybody has one!)
  2. Find your courage (Its “only” fear)
  3. Rock the damn boat! (It really, really, really doesn’t matter what other people think)

Leanne has two online courses:

People Enjoying a Redesigned Life:  6-week Transformation Course

6-week Weight Control to control eating habits and stop obsessing over eating and weight