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The No Head-Trash Nation - Greg Yates EPISODE 48, 22nd October 2019
EP 48 | The Myth of Low-Hanging Fruit
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EP 48 | The Myth of Low-Hanging Fruit

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… Today is an incredible NEW DAY to live without Head trash in the No head trash nation. I’m Greg Yates and today I woke up obsessed with results… the expectation of getting results… and the rapid fire search for that illusive Low Hanging Fruit….      And THAT”S what I want to talk about. Ever been there? 

We all want RESULTS.

We’re judged based on RESULTS.

Our entire identity is built on RESULTS.

We live in a society that values results so much that when I reached a period of my professional life when I couldn’t get those elusive results, I believed I had no VALUE.  

The addiction to results and validation is as real as any other. It changes our chemistry, and it ‘back-feeds’ into our beliefs. 

That’s what makes me wonder if this concept of ‘low-hanging fruit’ isn’t part of the problem.  

The Desire for Results is primal

It fires the neurons of aggression, urgency and triggers our need for comparison. It brings out the best and the worst in us. It conjures up a drive that contends with all primal instincts.

Growing up in business, I’ve heard it said hundreds of times. Look for the low-hanging fruit. Are you familiar with that phrase? In other words, look for the thing you can harvest (get results from) that will give you the most immediate benefit for the least amount of work. 

Makes sense, right? 

Maybe. There certainly are times we’ve already done the work and failed to harvest some apparent low-hanging fruit, but what if we set our sights on short term results rather than building great companies and cultures.

Will quarterly results be our legacy or our lunacy? 

 “Circumstances Lie” is my latest book dealing with this circumstantially based set of beliefs. If you want a free copy, text EZBOOK to 474747 and we’ll hook you up.

Circumstantial evidence is like the man who fell from the Empire State building. As he sailed past the 50th floor he was heard to say, “so far, so good.”  

Is low-hanging fruit available?  Yes.

Is it always the right time to harvest? That’s the question for the long-term performer.  

 ‘pruning’ the tree can increase results.    

Here’s my point. 

When things reach the proper time for harvest, the gains are optimal, but that takes patience. It takes investment, whether physically, mentally, relationally, in our faith or finances. It takes care and intent.

Factor that into the evaluation of that inviting, low-hanging fruit. It’s about living well while you’re doing well. It’s about acorns, not popcorn. 

Ever said this?

·        I wish I’d never sold that...