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LeftFoot - Fresh Conversations on the Business of Law - Nicole Giantonio 23rd May 2017
64: Competition and Continuous Improvement with Kirkland Hicks
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64: Competition and Continuous Improvement with Kirkland Hicks

Everything Is On The Table

Kirkland Hicks is the EVP and General Counsel at Lincoln Financial.   He’s a member of company’s senior management committee, overseeing all law, compliance, government relations, and corporate secretary functions. Prior to joining Lincoln Financial, he was senior counsel at Towers Watson and Watson Wyatt Worldwide.

Kirkland Hicks Bio

  • The keys to earning legal work at Lincoln Financial may surprise you
  • Whether primary, secondary or tertiary financial agreements are always a consideration
  • Learn how firms compete for business at Lincoln Financial – HINTS: be nimble, be ready to do upfront work, it’s very competitive 
  • We discuss big data and predictive outcomes – as a likely part of the future legal culture – listen in
  • Mentions: diversity; legal ops; legal purchasing; Axiom; Advance Law; Chris Groll – M&A Partner of Holland & Hart; Toby Brown – Chief Practice Director, Perkins Coie

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