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The ‘4 Corners Philosophy’ to Live a Happier, More Successful Life | Mindset
Episode 1213rd May 2021 • The Road To A Billion • Stefan Georgi
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Join 9-Figure entrepreneur Stefan Georgi in Episode 121 of “The Road to a Billion”...

The call-in radio show style podcast where he answers YOUR questions on mindset, business ownership, scaling funnels, copywriting, freelancing, and more!

In this episode, Stefan and co-host Ed Reay are joined by Gary Chappell - the former CEO of Nightingale-Conant, one of the largest and most respected personal development publishing companies in the world.

Throughout his career, Gary has worked with titans like Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Lloyd Conant, Vic Conant, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Joe Vitale, Deepak Chopra, Jay Abraham, Robert Kiyosaki, The Napoleon Hill Foundation, and many others in the personal development field.

Very few people on the planet have massively impacted the success and lives of so many other human beings like he has…

And in this episode, he shares his “4 Corners Philosophy” to live a happier, more successful, and more productive life - which is the foundation he teaches to all his mentees, and that has completely changed many people’s lives.

So make sure to listen through to the end, because it might just change yours too!


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