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↓Episode 77 – Why Can’t I find My RV Tail and Clearance Lights?
Episode 773rd December 2020 • RV Maintenance Tips and Information for the DIY • Eric Stark
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In episode 77 Eric answers the question: "Why can't I find my RV tail and clearance lights when I go to an RV store?" Finding replacement RV tail lights should be easy, but as Eric will tell you brands, makes, and models will come and go. You'll learn what to when you can't find your exact brand and model of RV tail/clearance lights. With winter quickly approaching now is the time to get a lot of your RV projects done. Eric gives advice on keeping lists and writing down replacement dates of parts or model numbers to help in maintaining and replacing parts on your RV. If you've ever had trouble finding your specific taillights, this episode is here to help you out!

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