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Queenfidence Lifestyle - Kristie Kennedy EPISODE 1, 22nd June 2020
I Will Not Stop!
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I Will Not Stop!

It's Massive Momentum Monday where we get it done and have tons of fun!

In my quiet time of reflection this morning, I said I cannot subscribe to the narrative that it's hard. I've learned you can't abort what God has purposed to LIVE. From this day forward, I choose to say it's HEART work. I am willing to bleed and weep for my deepest dreams. There is no foe strong enough to make me abandon the light of hope.

I was reading Quiet Women Never Made History by Patty Grimm and her research showed that children hear 28 negative statements to 1 and adults hear double the amount. I am determined to be the one affirmative voice they might ever hear.

On today, remember "You can't give away what you do not own." ~Bobby Gee

Keep turning the pages, the plot is about to thicken and become extremely juicy. Can you taste it? Can you feel it? Can you hear it? Can you see it? Can you touch it? I can.

Queenfidence ®️"She believed she could and so she did!"

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