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Corbin vs. The World - Corbin David Albaugh and Loudspeaker Networks 2nd March 2019
CVTW 025: The Revenge of Rami Malek's Eyes
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CVTW 025: The Revenge of Rami Malek's Eyes

In this episode, our hero basks in the glory of the entertainment industry and picks up the pieces of post-Oscars debris while fending off recurring nightmares of Rami Malek’s eyes. How many movies can we get out of the HBO Cinematic Universe? How is Rebecca Black not featured in the Worst Song of All Time bracket? What the hell is a MoMo anyway? Find out tonight!

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Hosted by Corbin David Albaugh. Produced by Chris Lanphear for NoCo FM.
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Special thanks to Treemotel for our theme song, "Alien Trill"

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