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It’s Time to Revamp Our Industry Training [THA 264]
Episode 26424th February 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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This episode continues the previous discussion about learning environments and breaking the mold for both teachers and students. This group wants to revamp training (the lectures and presentation style) with smaller focus groups, that will allow the attendees to understand theories and concepts and have them apply them within a study group. This episode will push your think on the transfer of knowledge and maybe it’s time to break the mold on training.

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Jim Cokonis, Sr Curriculum Developer, Carquest Technical Institute  Justin Morgan, LMV Bavarian Technical Support and Trainer, ASE-Wave Technical Ambassador, ASE Master, L1, CMAT  Anthony Williams, M.S. Ed. Special Project Manager, Carquest Technical Institute

Key Talking Points

  • Presentations vs class- presentations are a large group/gathering, listening to a concept/theory. Presenting ideas to engage the audience. You can still check for understanding in presentations. Pass the microphone. Classes are smaller, following a sequence of classes. They are not the same. Loud and boisterous personalities will push the conversations which can derail the discussion. You want to pull all voices in a classroom style.
  • Reinvent ‘lecturing’- dial back the content in a presentation, an entire book isn’t taught in 1 session, teach the concept
  • Setting expectations for students going to training
  • Challenging the status quo- 1 lead presenter and multiple trainers for breakout groups. 
  • “Not here to herd the cattle, here to make burgers”
  • You can’t present a problem without a solution or a path to a solution
  • 2nd-grade mentality- get up and move, different groups, when someone asks a question, you nurture it. 
  • Handling wrong answers- ask for counter-opinion, ask what their process was, make it a safe place and a learning experience
  • Virtual training- cameras on, breakout rooms
  • Honesty- realize an idea and go back and master it
  • What are you looking for? Be specific. You are either probing a conversation or probing to see where the understanding is
  • Checking for understanding- you cannot use yes/no or true/false

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