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Episode 009: Corey Poirier’s Content Creation Hacks
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Episode 009: Corey Poirier’s Content Creation Hacks

Today we have Corey Poirier on the show, Corey  is an award winning Keynote speaker and a TEDx Speaker, award winning executive, host of the top rated Conversations With PASSION Radio Show and is also an International Best-Selling Author.


Corey believe it or not did not read his first book until he was 27 years old and now is the author of not only a best seller with his book “Share your message with the world”, but he as also written seven other books. When it comes to creating content, this guy crushes it!


In this episode you will learn


    • Corey’s concept for writing books


    • How repurposing content lead to Corey’s first book


    • How to get the most out of an interview


    • How Corey finds the inspiration for his content

Pearls of wisdom from Corey


” I wanted to polish and edit so much, I couldn’t pull the trigger”


“If you set small goals and reward yourself, you will get there”


“Single tasking is far better than multitasking”


“If you really pay more attention and in being present in the moment, you will find more content and material than you’ll know what to do with”


Links and Resources Mentioned

The Passion Cure.com

That Speaker Guy.com

This is the book.com – if you would like to get your hands on Corey’s book “Enlightened” for free, use the code –  bestyouever

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Special thanks to Corey for taking the time to share his tips, strategies and wisdom with us this week. Why not drop him a tweet with your thoughts on today’s episode, @thatspeakerguy