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Kelsey Grant – What Would Love Do?
30th November 2016 • Speaking of Partnership: Personal Stories of the Power and Payoffs of Partnership • Ken Bechtel
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Kelsey Grant is passionate about living in a world where people feel inspired, fulfilled, balanced and happy within the expansiveness of their intimate relationships.

As a Love and Relationship Educator rooted in Radical Self Love Methodology, she writes, speaks and teaches coaches, thought leaders and game changers how to access greater alignment with love for their leadership and relationships to thrive.

Her commitment to love runs deep as she is also the founder and facilitator of a local sisterhood circle that creates safe space for women to open their hearts and share what is really going on behind the scenes of their lives.

Currently, she is teaching the essential tools we "don't know we don't know" about love and partnership that are key foundations to creating and maintaining relationships that really work.

Guiding Principle, Quote or Mantra

What would love do?

Whenever she is down in the dumps or spinning into a darker place, she comes back to this question: 

What would love do? 

What would love say? 

How would love handle this?

This helps ground Kelsey back into her heart.

It creates a little bit of space between the thought and the action. Which gives her time to make a better choice.

When You Tripped Up

Early on in a recent relationship Kelsey had, she got tripped up on her jealousy and insecurity.

One woman in particular had come into their lives and she felt incredibly threatened by.

Here old mechanisms of handling jealously started to rise up instead of asking “what would love do?” she operated on auto pilot and got reactive. This left no space for the truth to emerge.

This approach eventually led to the relationships coming to an end temporarily.

The “DUH” moment that changed your partnerships forever

One of Kelsey’s big DUH moments was when she realized that she was depending on her partner to give her pieces of her self esteem back. And looking to him for approval and validation.

She started asking herself, who was it she needed recognition from? The first answer she got was herself.

As uncomfortable as this was, Kelsey gave herself a 30 day challenge of owning every day what she did that was self loving and how she had cared for herself that day. And she did it on Facebook to hold herself accountable by making it public.

This helped her move past the resistance she had to being seen and being recognized.

The second place she was seeking recognition was from her father. So Kelsey called up her Dad and said “I really need to know that you’re proud of me.” This is the first time she had been courageous enough to ask him.

Once she asked for what she needed, he was able to provide it. And this was so nourishing to her.

Proudest moment in partnership 

When Kelsey and her partner have authentic and really heart opening conversations she always feels proud.

The acceptance of who he is fully creates the space for him to do the same for her.

Being seen and accepted deeply are some of the proudest moments of her partnership.

What is the best partnership / relationship advice you have ever received?

Approach your relationship as a path and not a destination.

This allows you to meet whatever arrises on your journey with curiosity and love and compassion. Then you can use your partnership as a vessel for personal development both independently and as a couple.

If you see it as a path that is ever evolving and ever expanding this creates a lot of space for acceptance.

Best Partnership Book

Journey of the Heart: The Path of Conscious Love

Payoff of Partnership -

For Kelsey, the evolution of her business is an example of the payoff of partnership.

Her partner’s observation of her talents and her strong suits led to her creating her Curriculum for Love program. Without his insights it wouldn’t have happened.

This led to a new degree of fulfillment and service in her business that wouldn’t have happened without that partnership.

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