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Empowering the BIPOC Community with Mela Berger Part 2
Episode 107th May 2024 • Healthy Brain Happy Body • Northeast Region Biofeedback Society
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This episode continues a discussion with Mela Berger, expert somatic clinician. She founded and directs the International Institute of Healing and Cultural Arts, which trains BIPOC clinicians in neuro-somatic integration approaches to treating trauma.

For members of the BIPOC community, trauma is often linked to historic and systemic racism. The health care system does not adequately address this, and there are well-documented disparities in health care availability and quality, based on the cultural background of patients. Mela and the Institute are working to change this by training more BIPOC clinicians and by providing workshops for all clinicians to better connect with their BIPOC patients. Learn more about upcoming events and ways you can support the Institute’s mission.

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