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115: Fossil Fuel Propaganda
Episode 1157th June 2021 • Important, Not Important • Important, Not Important
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In Episode 115, Quinn & Brian discuss: How to stop fossil fuel advertising.

Our guests are JaRel Clay and Jamie Henn.

JaRel Clay is the Digital Director of Hip Hop Caucus, a national nonprofit focused on ending the climate crisis, having some fun, and tackling racial justice along the way. No big deal.

Jamie is a climate activist, strategist, and communicator. He’s the Director of Fossil Free Media, a nonprofit communications lab to boost groups taking on the fossil fuel industry. 

Together, they’re members of Clean Creatives, a group of strategists, creatives, and industry leaders looking to take on the fossil industry where it hurts: their mouth holes. If it kind of sounds like the introduction to the Justice League or something, you’re not far off -- the work these guys are doing is saving the planet.

Yes, we have a democrat in the White House, Ford’s got a new electric truck that’s sure to make waves, and solar just keeps getting better. But let’s not forget: Exxon mobile is not f***ing around. We have to move at this thing from all angles -- and with the same level of fervor. To really do that, we have to take control of the messaging. We can’t compete dollar to dollar, so we have to get creative.

Along the way, we may end up starting the Clean Creatives Family Band.

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