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102 : Jamison Philippi – Carpool Interview for a 35 State Traveler buying stuff- Yes he will be in your state soon!
9th June 2016 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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(Warning, microphone is sensitive and picks up the vibrations from the road!) Jamison is a road warrior, a real heavy road warrior who is buying his way through the country, stopping to see people he has met on the internet and creating real relationships on the way. He talks about the challenges he has encountered, including hitting rock-bottom losing everything and the slow climb back up. This candid and raw discussion shows the human side of this business and the lows one can have in their life. The great part is there is light at the end in Jamison’s story through some divine intervention (real story) and perseverance/real grit! His determination to be successful and to give back to others is so too will learn to like Jamison!

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“Your mind is like a filing cabinet, write down your thoughts to get them out of your head”






Golden Nuggets:

Create a daily ritual to help stay focused



Healthy meal options on the road? 🙂


Ok, nice purchase!


Las Vegas meetup -Me (standing) in red, my wife in black (not Batgirl) and Jamison kneeling in red. Batgirl was a random person in the parking lot who said she was getting into character in preparation for the upcoming local Comic-Con! (Can’t make this stuff up…it was Vegas after all )