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309. Black Sun Farm CT | Rockstar Millennial + Listener Amelia Kellner
3rd February 2020 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Ugly Farm

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am IDK if I am a rockstar but I am trying

NE CT, the poor part of CT, we’re not in Hartford

There’s a lot of farms in general in this part of CT

  • it’s not where I started farming
  • my husband and I bought a little piece of property
  • it’s sort of an Urban farm
  • we have neighbors we can see

1.2 acres

Oh, it’s um.

My husband and I were Goth kids in school

I’m really into growing black vegetables

love the black carrots

always buy those seeds

with the black tomatoes

If you forget to trim your tomato bush for a couple of weeks the busy parts are hiding inside are going to have big green splotches on them

either assume

the tomatoes are only going to be black

turn your tomatoes toward the sun

by the time that happens


slice them

they are black

from the top

taste great

make salsa out of

not as impressive if the whole

Baker Creek Black Beauty Tomatoes

almost every tomato I have ever had

still tastes in one shape or form

sweeter or nicer

tomato tastes like at tomato

black like your soul

black jalapenos

I thought they would be super spicy

picking them and eating them off the bush

the black nebula carrots

black all The way

blanch them for a two minutes

purple dye

You are just dropping golden seeds


Tell me about your first gardening experience?

my grandmother on my mother’s side

kind of a homestead

under an acre

being a little kid


fruit trees

they were getting older



something like that

when I was little

mother was used to gardening a vegetable

little kid

mostly you go eat green beans when you are seven years old

crazy flower plant lady

8 gardens at the house

plants on it

with he crazy plant lady

didn’t always like it

used to it

can’t remember my first gardening experience

childhood was surrounded by plants and gardens

life and enjoying things

I was in Vo-Ag

We have poultry


we have 2 goats

2 big geese

largest possible

that’s funny

they imprinted on her

that’s pretty cool

2 little boy goats

part of our 1.2 acres

1/4 acre is wooded area

just total junk

neglected the heck out of it

literal trash


out of there every year

puling things up

2 little weathers

able to go back there and eat a lot of stuff

like having 2 dogs

just lost 2 hens


somewhere else

Yeah! I understand the fence dilemma

we ended up having to replace our whole flock last year


our rooster was an Egyptian flume

they're flighty


drastic measures

we got rid of everybody except our favorite couple of hens

heavy bird that wasn’t going to fly up

trying to raise partridge

super cute

one rooster and one hen

doing a big chick order in a couple of weeks

I forgot the train of thought

don’t get skinny

another lesson we learned the hard way

any garden

you build

fence in

especially if you have birds

we battled 3 different families of groundhogs

under the fence into the garden

burry your fence

tall fence

birds out

runner ducks won’t eat your produce they will eat the bugs

a lot of people


they will also eat half of your vegetables




they are terrible

compost pile

works out

they can eat whatever they want

it’s a good symbiotic relationship

warm and cooking

bugs are going crazy


bring me

save all their leftover scraps and what not

birds get a nice treat

helps keep food costs down


geese eat



apple cores

I keep them out

pet goose

get your but out of here

you know

How did you learn how to garden organically?

NO! I learned nothing organically from the family


my ex husband and I got divorced

this is the sad story

we were getting divorced

I had never heard of a farm apprenticeship

discovered that it was a thing

work on that farm

they give you a place to live for the growing season

I found a farm that I could move to

they were paying a pretty meager wage





pretty good deal

stay at home mom for 4-5 years

going to live on the farm

I only got to see my kids 1-2 daysSunday

4 and 1 1/2

it’s the hardest thing I had to do in my life

if anyone can avoid

I knew that my ex couldn’t afford to put me in an apartment

I’m gonna get out of the ouse

growing season

april - oct

do the whole

he had a good job

paid a baby sitter

June he lost his job

he and I had bought a house together

no money to pay the mortgage

I learned a lot!

60 hours a week

I learned a lot

loved learning

I was the only apprentice

there was a couple of people that worked full time/part time

knew what was going on

customer said


ties - Sunday


first got Sundays and Mondays off

point where I got

market in woodbury ct.

bosses wife

didn’t want to go any more

offered to split the profits

if I went to the market

find a place to live with my kids

even less time to see my kids


make some extra money

it worked out in the end

important learning experience

because of that being an apprentice

when you specialize in working

seasonal positions

desirable as a winter a

it was above their garage

contractor friends


his old refrigerator

composting toilet

I had to take care of

shower behind the barn

most of the time

you only had the end of a day to do anything

I was seeing him at the time

another farm in CT

he worked way worse then


good deal there

his farm living

literally a shack

run electricity to

toilets out way in the back

in a shack by the chicken and pig pens


12-15 hours a day


couple of hours off

8 hour a day on Sundays


I had it better then he did

farming is not easy

this was

6 years ago now

I have been

still doing it

you get in good shape

when you are busting your butt

different organic farm in MASS





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