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09: Sailing the Jetstream: Tommy Leep's Vision for Sustainable Startups
Episode 928th June 2023 • Climate Avengers • Elena Foukes
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On Today's Episode:

Tune in to an enlightening dialogue with Elena Foukes as she hosts Tommy Leep, the visionary founding partner of Jetstream. This climate tech fund is dedicated to supporting software startups that are shaping our sustainable economy.

You'll learn about Tommy's extensive background in tech and venture capital, and his transition into the climate tech sphere. He shares insights about the critical role of climate change and how it necessitated a shift in his investment strategy to empower burgeoning enterprises in the climate tech industry.

Tommy also explores the key technological advancements propelling climate tech: the spread of sensor technology, the growing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in data analysis, and the drop in the cost of robotics.

Discover fascinating real-world applications of AI in the climate tech sector, such as AI-powered analysis of satellite imagery for carbon emissions tracking, and the use of computer vision in refining recycling processes.

Lastly, Tommy delves into the potential held by the convergence of software and climate tech, emphasizing its significance for investors and the future of our planet.

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