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Episode 345, Amy Chorew – President, Curated Learning
Episode 34521st February 2023 • The Real Estate Sessions • Bill Risser
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Real Estate Sessions - Episode 345 - Amy Chorew

Bill sits down with Amy Chorew, President of Curated Learning, a consulting company that helps proptech and real estate companies keep their training content and platforms updated and on the cutting edge.

With industry experience spanning over four decades, Amy is an expert in helping real estate firms scale their business through consulting, training, and events.

Listen in as Amy reflects on her storied career and why she decided in 1981 to make the drastic switch from art therapy to real estate and officially get her license in 1987.

She talks about the moment she was inspired to become a teacher, the gap she sought to fill in the sphere of real estate education, and the most common misconceptions and mistakes brokers and agents make when using technology to manage and grow their businesses.

Amy also discusses her most important lessons learned at the Fortune 500 company Anywhere and how those lessons carried over into her current work as a consultant.

Finally, Amy deep-dives into Curated Learning’s mission and her data-driven view on the future of real estate o both the macro and micro levels.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

● [02:08] A day in the life of a “Nutmegger.”

● [05:37] Amy’s foray into real estate in 1981

● [07:53] Amy’s passion for education and why her content is so effective

● [10:15] Working with Matthew Ferrara

● [12:47] Common technology-related mistakes by brokers and agents

● [15:53] Working with Realogy

● [18:40] All about Curated Learning

● [22:10] Amy’s take on the future of the market

● [26:50] Amy’s advice to brand-new agents

Key Quotes by Amy:

● Agents need to understand what’s going on in their local market. There are data points that you see people posting on social media. That’s not where they belong. They belong to your articulation to buyers and sellers so they can understand what’s happening in the market.

● A lot of people have unique ideas and great successes and can talk about them. But to create a course where students can implement is a whole different level.

● How do you manage client expectations? You give them realistic expectations—but then you have to exceed them.

● What I would tell a brand-new agent is to find the right company that resonates with them. Visit them twice. Don’t just go into that first interview. Go back and make sure that they’re the same company. When you’re there, understand your value prop—who you are and how you’ll articulate it—and get connected with your sphere. If you’re in it for the long haul, that will pay dividends over and over.



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