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Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner! - Jim Lynch EPISODE 29, 7th July 2020
Marshall Ulrich – “It’s Just Who I Am”
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Marshall Ulrich – “It’s Just Who I Am”

Hello Runners!

We made it through the first half of 2020...barely. Congratulations!

So did you survive your Independence Day holiday? Man! The fireworks were going off everywhere, and for five straight hours here in Denver all I heard was boom, crackle, boom, crackle and boom! Crazy! I hope you have all your fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes, and ears intact.

Bonnie VanDeraa was my guest in Episode #12. She went through a horrific life and death situation and survived but not without consequences. She has struggled since and will struggle for many years to come. She is a runner. She is Wonder Woman. She writes poems and just posted one on her Facebook page: Two Brothers (running and walking). It is beautiful, it is powerful and should be shared with all runners everywhere. Read it...live it and go listen to her story. She is amazing!

My guest this episode is ultra runner, adventure racer, mountaineer, author and speaker, Marshall Ulrich. We talk about his life, his adventures, his wisdom, and you be inspired no matter what level runner or athlete you are. Marshall lives by his belief that the only limitations are in your mind, and if you don't buy into them, you can do more that you can imagine. A great conversation!

Marshall has a new book Both Feet on the Ground.  Buy it; get a FREE buff also. It is a powerful book on life, nature, adventure and perfect wisdom as we go through this pandemic. He and his team will also be on the upcoming Eco Challenge FIJI (world's toughest race) which will air on Prime Video in August. Check out the trailer for the show HERE.

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Keep focused, runners. Stick with your goals. Races will be back before you know it, but not until 2021. Stay safe, healthy and please wear a mask in public. Of course remember to “just show up and always, ALWAYS, feel good about YOUR running!"

~ Jim



Bonnie VanDerra (Wonder Woman)Two Brothers Poem - Listen Episode #12 


Marshall Ulrich

Marshall Ulrich - Website, Facebook Page, Instagram

Book's (Order) - Both Feet on the Ground - Running on Empty

Movie - Running America - 2011 - Rent iTunes - Buy Amazon

Blog - Crows don't collect shiny things

Eco Challenge FIJI (World's toughest race) - August 14, 2020 on Prime Video - Trailer

Results - Ultra Signup Results (77 races - 17 podiums)

Article - Denver Post - 2018 (John Meyer writer)


Inspirational Running Quote

"I always say the only limitations are in your mind, and if you don't buy into those limits, you can do a helluva lot more than you can imagine!" ~ Marshall Ulrich



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