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101: How I Made $75,000 from a Facebook Post with Joseph Lazukin
10th August 2017 • Can I Pick Your Brain? • Daniel Gefen
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This is the first ever part 2 of an episode!

My interview with Joseph Lazukin in episode 92 was so good that it went on for 2 hours!

I had to cut it into 2 episodes so here is the second part

If you want to listen to part 1 where we talk about going up into space then head over to

What you will learn:

  • How Joseph made $75,000 off one FB post
  • Why Joseph deleted 3000 friends on Facebook
  • How one guy make a million dollars from a garbage heap
  • How to get your people to refer business to you
  • Why you should give away all your secrets
  • How to tap into other peoples social capital
  • How to travel in style on a shoestring budget
  • … and MUCH MORE

Interesting highlights:

  • Joseph has taken a company from a million dollars in debt to a million and a half in profit
  • Joseph has taken a company that was doing $15,000 a month and helped grow it to $300,000 a month within 6 months
  • Joseph helped Kevin Harrington build a 7 figure sales funnel

Joseph ‘s #1 practical advice: 

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