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#60 If you don't deal with your emotions, they will deal with you with ~Eretoru Sanipe Uka
Episode 6029th September 2023 • Umami Conversations • Agnes Appiah

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In this captivating episode of Umami Conversations, our guest, Eretoru Sanipe, a passionate traveling nurse and the founder of Kinoroots, takes us on a profound exploration of holistic healing and the intricate connections between emotional well-being, spirituality, and our overall health. Join us as we delve into the heart of healing, from understanding our emotions to the role of God and community in our well-being.

Episode Highlights:

- Emotional Health as Part of Mental Health:** Eretorou underscores the significance of emotional health within the broader spectrum of mental well-being. Often underestimated in healthcare, emotional health plays a vital role in our overall wellness.

- "If You Don't Deal with Your Emotions, They Will Deal with You":** Eretoru emphasizes the importance of acknowledging our emotions while maintaining control over them. Our emotions should guide us, not dictate our lives.

-Roots of Healing:** Digging deep, addressing the core issues, and helping individuals heal from the roots. This holistic perspective touches upon the spiritual dimension, raising intriguing questions about the role of God in our healing journeys.

- The Power of Community: Eretoru highlights the value of community in our healing processes. As the saying goes, "The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy," but community can provide the support and strength needed to counteract these challenges.

-Empathy and Sympathy: The discussion touches on the importance of empathy and sympathy in healing. Eretorou reflects on the healing meaning of being a guide and what it truly means to be whole mentally and physically.

-Prayer and Healing:** The conversation takes a thought-provoking turn as Eretoru shares her experiences with praying for healing, even when faced with the stark reality of people passing away. The question arises: Do we ever completely heal, or is there a deeper meaning to the concept of healing?

-The Necessity of Sleep:** Reminds us of the essential role sleep plays in our overall well-being, advocating for its significance in our healing journeys.

-Holistic Healing:** Finally, Eretoru provides insights into holistic healing, where the body, soul, and spirit are considered as interconnected components of our well-being. It's an approach that embraces the fullness of our humanity.

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