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Be a Better Leader - Mike Chitty EPISODE 10, 15th April 2021
Gill Crawshaw in Conversation

Gill Crawshaw in Conversation

Gill Crawshaw

I draw on my experience of disability activism to organise exhibitions and events which

highlight issues affecting disabled people.

Exhibitions have addressed representation (Possible All Along, 2020), charity (Piss on

Pity, 2019), cuts to welfare and public spending (Shoddy, 2016) and access (The

Reality of Small Differences, 2014).

I am also interested in the intersection of disabled people’s lives with textile heritage in

the north of England, as well as contemporary textile arts. I have a degree in Textile


I completed an MA in Curation Practices at Leeds Arts University in 2018.

Curating is a recent change of role. Before this, I was a local authority disability equality

officer, then I worked in Leeds’ third sector health and care network.





DAN - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disabled_People%27s_Direct_Action_Network