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Women Over 50 - A Life Redesigned - Shelly Drymon
Roll back our odometer with Anne Noonan

Roll back our odometer with Anne Noonan

Have you joined the happening Facebook group Women Over 50, A LIfe Redesigned? Well come on over and meet 700 other women over 50!


Anne Noonan, Silver Yogi, Food Coach and Diabetes Food Advisor specialises in showing women how to age backwards with Yoga and Mindfulness.    She has a passion for showing the woman facing her second half of life that these years can be full of vitality rather than ill health or frailty.   

After going through her own health journey of Insulin Resistance, Adrenal Fatigue and varied menopausal symptoms in her 40s, Anne found the way to holistically turn back her inner odometer and is now thriving in her 60th year and looking and feeling younger than she did 15 years ago.    

She not only turned those health issues around but has transformed in the process.   Anne now teaches women facing similar health and ageing issues that through mindful functional yoga based movement, breath and eating for health that you can most certainly find your strength, vitality, flexibility and youthfulness and see it last through your second half of life.   

Anne has a mission to encourage women to change the way they view ageing.   The ageing process can be a completely different experience to what our parents or the media may have us believe.    Age backwards and roll back your inner odometer with Anne Noonan #SilverYogi.

You can find Anne at https://annenoonan.com.au

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