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THIRST For More Podcast - Brandon Smitley | Terre Haute Intensity Resistance and Sports Training EPISODE 16, 11th August 2020
E 16 | Pursuing Resiliency With Alex And Laura Mershon
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E 16 | Pursuing Resiliency With Alex And Laura Mershon

0:00 – Show Intro

3:43 – Podcast begins

4:23 – How Alex and Laura got intertwined with Brandon and Adrian Smitley

9:36 – The history of WeArePR Clothing

13:30 – The WeArePR difference

18:25 – Alex and Laura break down the process of making their apparel

22:20 – The limited edition style approach to WeArePR apparel

25:12 – What do the day-to-day operations look like? The long-term approach to creating a shirt

31:16 – What are the struggles of running an online apparel business?

37:25 – The pro's and con's of being married and business partners

50:53 – Tips for finding balance between business and life

55:50 – The future of WeArePR Clothing

1:00:10 – How to connect with Alex and Laura

About Alex and Laura Mershon

Website: https://weareprclothing.com

Instagram: @WeArePRClothing

Alex and Laura Mershon are the owners of WeArePR Clothing, a small hand printed limit edition apparel line that is based primarily around strength sports & encouraging others with loud/unique designs that cannot be found anywhere else. They both graduated from Indiana State University, where they happened to link up and where WeArePR originated.