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423 : List Perfectly Team – Add Ebay, Poshmark, Etsy, Mercari, Tradesy, reloved, Grailed and Facebook Marketplace to your Amazon listings
17th January 2020 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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That title should catch your interest. Can you add these other channels without a lot of manual intervention? Yes if you try Listperfectly. Love how they solved their problems and found others also have the same issues. When you can spread your inventory over multiple channels you are more likely to meet your customers where they are.


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Cool voice guy:                 00:00                    Welcome to the e-commerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people, the products, and the process of eCommerce selling today. Here's your host, Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                            00:13                    You know, I have a bunch of sponsors for the podcast and they're all wonderful people, but this one stands out for me because, um, she so believes in what she's doing. Um, a, she's in e-commerce seller, okay. But she's also a CPA. And I'm talking about Annie Hill. And, uh, when you think about your business, when she talks about her business, when she talks about the top performers that she has as clients, and she's got lots of clients and our all e-commerce sellers, um, the, the number one thing is they know their numbers. And so you hear, you're going to hear her say it, you're going to hear me say it. And what's key is that you actually can then pivot and adjust, um, as your business changes and evolves and it will change and evolve, you will not be in control of it. It's going to change.

Stephen:                            00:57                    The marketplaces are going to change. And so the key is to get, uh, get control of it. So she offers a course. Um, Amazon accounting simplified and I have a link, um, and she does pay me. So again, you know, don't want to hide that, but, um, she includes a couple things with my link that she doesn't include another's. Let me just tell you about this again, she's going to help you with a, an example of a recommended chart of accounts. Now think about that. What accounts do you need? And she's going to give you the ones that most people are using the best of the best are using. Because again, you want to make it, I always say make it where you're going to make decisions. That's how deep you should go. In our case, we have warehouse services, so we have to go deeper in our chart of accounts.

Stephen:                            01:38                    Then maybe somebody else does, but, and maybe your business is a little different, but if it doesn't need that, don't waste your time, you're not going to make decisions. It doesn't help you. And so, uh, she recommends, uh, QuickBooks online, which is what we use. And, uh, for me it's phenomenal. Um, because I can use classes, I can use all these different tools and you can go deeper as you need, but she's going to help you get that set up. The other thing that, what I really liked that she's going to do is she stealing a CPA deep dive into an existing eCommerce business, one of her clients, and she's going to show you what you can expect from your CPA, what does a deep dive, what they should be going through. And that's rare to actually see what you should be getting. Then you can compare what you're getting from your tax professional.

Stephen:                            02:22                    And again, we don't do our own taxes here either. Um, and so get monthly financial statements. She's going to help you figure that out. And what I love about her courts is it's a pause, rewind of dating myself using tape, but go back till you get it and then go forward. It's not a, Oh my God, the course is going to end. I'm going to be out of it now. Hers is a lifetime membership. Also, they put you in a special Facebook group, private Facebook group where you can ask questions. Um, you can get, um, you know, you'll get other feedback, but you can see other people asking questions. So you don't feel so stupid when you're like, wait, I wondered that too. Yeah, duh. Most people do. And that's again, her heart is like a teacher. And so her course is the Amazon accounting simplified course.

Stephen:                            03:04                    And if you go to accounting, we will, forward slash momentum. Click on that link, fill it out, you'll get a 30 day money back guarantee. So, you know, she changed that because she's like Steve, some people start, um, and then life happens and they can't get to it. So I didn't want him to have to run to finish it. Now give them a chance. Again, that's the kind of person she is. And so if you're looking to really get control of your business, if you're looking for a way to really know your numbers, to know all the different things that really matter, and then get that prepared and boom, you can hand it right off to your tax person. Might matter of fact, my tax person signs into my, um, QuickBooks online account, which is awesome. I don't think of anything and they were able to finish this stuff right there and make entries and that kind of thing.

Stephen:                            03:51                    Um, and she's going to help you get there. So, uh, accounting we will grow is Anna's group, um, counting. We will forward slash momentum. We'll get you to this link and check out this course again, 30 day money back guarantee. You're going to get those two extra things, which is the recommended chart of accounts. Uh, don't get complicated. Keep it simple, stupid, right as they say. Um, this is an example of what you, what other sellers have used specifically in her business. And again, she's a CPA and she's also going to do that walk through. It's really a deep dive. So you can understand what each of those accounts mean and how, how, uh, what a CPA should be doing for you and going through your books and helping you understand what you need. So accounting, we will forward slash momentum back to the eCommerce momentum podcast.

Stephen:                            04:40                    This is episode 423 Amanda Morris and Clara Albornoz from list I've had these ladies on because I just love what they've done. They've taken a first step. They were recommended by a couple of different people, but they've taken in solve the problem. Their challenge was they need to list more perfectly. They need to list more stuff, but they need it to sell well. That's just not just throwing up a listing. You need to do it right and sometimes are now especially I think now is it really good example, certain things don't sell on certain platforms. So why is eBay offering free fees on hundred plus dollars? Pairs of shoes? Why? Because they lost that market because all these other marketplaces have come in. So guess what? You might want to list them on eBay. Sure. But you also want to list them where the audience is. And so these ladies have figured that out a long time ago and I've been working on it to perfection, um, hence the list perfectly and have figured out how to add in channels.

Stephen:                            05:40                    They have seven, they're adding number eight, a really important one, Facebook marketplace. And they could add other marketplaces as they come available. And I think that's the key. You have to be nimble in today's marketplace. What you're selling doesn't necessarily sell on every marketplace. And so if you could figure a place to list them and then push it off to the right place, um, that's a big problem solver and they have definitely done this. The other thing, and I think it comes up later in the conversation is about, um, allowing access. I think one of the bigger challenges when you're selling on eBay is the user rights. Um, they have solved that problem too. You can have multiple people working on the same listing, um, and processing, you know, again, it's so smart the way they process things and I just think there's such an opportunity.

Stephen:                            06:25                    Definitely an audio glitch in here. I got, I think I got them all out of, I think it counted 11 times that we had a pause in there and I think I got them all out. So I apologize for that. But the content is so strong because again, they solved the problem that you have that I have still, they have solved it. They have put together a process and they're going to share that process with us and that, um, I can't wait to see it when they, when they start showing you really how they list and then how they can grow. Um, and now I can apply it in our business. Let's get into the podcast.

Stephen:                            06:58                    Hey, welcome back to the eCommerce momentum podcast. Got a great pair, uh, who have visited the East coast, this cold Tom a year. Um, just to get closer to get into this podcast, the only reason nothing to do with family, Amanda Morris and Clara Alberto says are born is how about that? Better? That's better. All right. From this perfectly, um, this I'm very, very excited about having the ladies on to help us understand. I mean, you want to take omni-channel to the next level. These ladies have done it and I've heard so many good things. They've been recommended to me a couple of times and uh, I'm really excited to talk to them. Welcome ladies.

List Perfectly:                    07:36                    Thank you. Glad to be here.

Stephen:                            07:39                    Good morning. I know the reason you came to the East coast, not family only to get on this podcast, I'm sure. Right?

List Perfectly:                    07:46                    Oh, of course. Yes.

Stephen:                            07:48                    A little colder. Uh, at this time of year, this side. Now you're, you're from California,