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Which Titan is Best?
14th November 2022 • attack on opinion • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Attack on Opinion 

Episode 4: Which Titan is Best?

You are listening to Attack on Opinion with your hosts Jenny and Amy.

In this episode, we will discuss which titan is the best. 

Segment 1: Context of the Anime

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series set in a world where humanity is forced to live in cities surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids called Titans. The story follows Eren Yeager, who vows to exterminate the Titans after they bring about the destruction of his hometown and the death of his mother. 

  • There are the regular titans who have huge deformed man-eating bodies. They all share some common characteristics. They don’t react to pain, they move as long as there is sunlight, don’t have a functioning digestive tract- they throw up after they’re “full” to continue eating humans. They also were mindless beasts, easy to trick because they had no intelligence. 
  • Titans used to be humans, meaning that if the titan dies, they die. This was not a known fact. 
  • There were also abnormalities that has some intelligence. Such as the titan in Illse’s notebook that thought she was lady Ymir and began to pray to her. Also, Connie’s mother recognized him and greeted him when he came home. 
  • There are nine major titans, each possessing a different power. These titans are conscious because they have a human who is able to operate them- or really, a human that is piloting them. This is different from a regular titan because they can abandon the body they’re operating. 
  • Founding titan
  • Armored titan
  • Colossal titan
  • Female titan
  • Attack titan
  • Cart titan
  • Beast titan
  • Jaw titan
  • War hammer titan

About each titan: 

  • Founding titan: Belongs to Eren Yeager, giant, by screaming, could turn Subjects of Ymir into Titans, control the minds of Titans, and alter the memories and bodies of Subjects of Ymir. It was connected to all Subjects of Ymir and Titans via paths.
  • Armored titan: Belongs to Reiner, covered by hardened armor-like skin, can harden armor for protection, really hard to kill (Reiner just won’t die) 
  • Colossal titan: Belonged to Bertholdt but now belongs to Armin because he ate him. The biggest titan, emits burning hot steam and blasts. 
  • Female titan: Belongs to Annie, good at fighting and running, could summon pure titans by screaming and could harden skin for protection as well
  • Attack titan: Belongs to Eren Yeager, can receive memories from past and all future inheritors of titans.
  • Cart titan: Belongs to Pieck, good stamina, fugly, runs on four legs, fast, transports materials, kidnaps people
  • Beast titan: Belongs to Zeke Yeager, furry, very long arms, can scream to summon titans and order them, can throw rocks, can talk
  • Jaw titan: Belonged to Porco, now belongs to Falco. Sharp claws and teeth that can break almost anything, fastest titan
  • War hammer titan: could materialize various weapons and structures from its own hardened flesh. It could be controlled from afar through a cable of Titan flesh while the user remained hidden within a hardened crystal casing. Eren beat it very quickly by finding and killing the host body. 

Segment 2: Audience Opinions

  • Lots of people think the Warhammer titan is OP but was killed so quickly
  • Cart titan is ugly
  • Fan favs: Armoured, Attack, Colossal, Female, Beast

Segment 3: Our Opinions

Amy’s ranking

  1. Founding: OP, OG, can control the minds of other titans, can even control non-titan Elydians. At one point King Fritz changed the molecular structure of his subjects to stop them from dying from the disease. But, the founding titan doesn’t have any fighting powers.
  2. War hammer: OP powers, got killed too fast, can make weapons from its own flesh AND be controlled remotely
  3. Armoured: So much protection from the armour, can break through walls. No one can kill Reiner no matter how hard they try
  4. Colossal: Steam blasts are very destructive, can break through walls
  5. Attack: Holds memories of all titans. But other than that, not many powers
  6. Beast: Can control other titans, but that is only because Zeke has royal blood, not because of the titan’s trait. Can talk and throw rocks with its very long arms, but that’s not thaaat cool.
  7. Female: Good at fighting, but that is only because Annie is good at fighting and she controls the titan. It’s not the titan’s power. Can attract other titans.
  8. Jaw: Fast and can bite through stuff, but that’s it. Not much fighting ability.
  9. Cart: Fast, can carry stuff, not much fighting ability, also ugly!

Jenny’s Ranking

  1. Founding
  2. Colossal
  3. War Hammer
  4. Armoured
  5. Attack
  6. Beast
  7. Female
  8. Jaw
  9. Cart

Music Credits:  

Lively by Oshova

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