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GREG SCHEINMANN - How The Dad Bod Has Become a Badge of Honour and What This Means For Your Health
20th October 2021 • Guild of Dads: The Home of Dadprovement • Joe Horton
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Today I am joined by coach, entrepreneur, father to teenage boys and host of the Midlife Male Podcast - Greg Scheinman

One of the things that has become popularised of late is the notion of the "dad bod". Some celebrate as a badge of honour that comes with parent, some endorse it as part of the body acceptance movement but some organisations use it as a marketing ploy. But what about the long term chronic health implications for a generation of men in their prime?

I discuss with Greg

  • Just how organisations, influencers and those in the public look closely at the kind of lifestyle behaviours we want to reward
  • How Greg and I share the experience of having lost a relative to chronic disease and why this shapes how we look at the "dad bod" discussion.
  • Why caring for your body is so much more than just aesthetics and really is a health and longevity issue.
  • How many men want to break out, do better and fall into the trap of life just happening to them
  • The challenges and skills he uses to bring up boys in a culture where masculinity is under attack from some quarters.

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