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Science of Sports Recovery - Jase Kraft EPISODE 24, 6th April 2021
24: Count Your Macro Nutrients for Peak Performance with Rich Ryan
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24: Count Your Macro Nutrients for Peak Performance with Rich Ryan

Today I’m introducing you to Mr. Rich Ryan. Rich comes from the running world, as a Division 1 runner, he has been training in endurance for over 15 years and has been coaching athletes for nearly a decade. He is also an entrepreneur and the founder of Reinforced Running, where he has helped hundreds of athletes to new PR’s. Rich is a current member of the Spartan pro team and placing 10th in the Spartan Race National series in 2019. 

We talk about stress and recovery for the everyday athlete + how to calculate your proper macronutrient intake for your sport. 

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Rich Ryan's Information:

Email: rich@reinforcedrunning.com

YouTube - Reinforced Running

IG (Rich Ryan) -  @reinforced_running_rich 

Twitter - @ReinforcedRun


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