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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 25th November 2018
66: Computer Science and Art – Look for good job culture – Michelle Brenner
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66: Computer Science and Art – Look for good job culture – Michelle Brenner

Michelle Brenner started out in Computer Science at Drexel University and then finished up with a degree in Media Arts and Animation at The Art Institute and spent some time at Sony Pictures. She is now a Backend Software Engineer at Chownow.

Michelle’s Podcast can be found Here.

[1:52] Michelle describes what a backend engineer is and is someone who works on all the data aspects of a website, the images you see on the website would be considered the front end engineer

[2:35] She goes into how her computer science background helped with her Visual Affect (VFX) at Sony Pictures.

[4:00] Michelle goes into how finding work is hampered a bit by not finishing up her computer science degree, but now has enough experience where it is not as big of an issue.

[4:40] For those looking at Art/Special Affects, computer science is valuable.

[6:06] We get into Michelle’s specific area of expertise, which is making technology easier for people.

[6:43] What has Michelle really fired up today is server-less apps, this allows you to build apps without having your own infrastructure, like API Gateway on Amazon Web Server or Lambda on Google.

[8:47] An ah-ha moment was when really realized that there are many open source libraries that can do what you need to do so you don’t always have to write the code from scratch.

[10:40] Getting through college and skills for the real world – important to learn how you learn, and learn how to communicate.

[13:00] lightening round – If there is something you need, ask everyone. Sign up for things that you don’t know how, as it helps you grow. – An app she recommends is Slack and a book she recommends is “The Undoing Project” by Michael Lewis.

[14:43] Parting piece of guidance – focus on great culture when looking for internships and your job.

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