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GotTechED the Podcast - Eric Guise/Nick Johnson
11 #EdTech Updates from ISTE that All Teachers Should Know About
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11 #EdTech Updates from ISTE that All Teachers Should Know About

In this episode, Nick and Guise talk about their favorite take-a-ways from the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia.  They review the latest improvements to their favorite edtech tools as well as introduce a few new tools.

GotTechED Episode 36: 

 Flipgrid Updates

  • Shorts
  • Wakelet Integration
  • Pals
  • Immersive Reader
  • Smaller changes:
    • Rearrange videos
    • Mass action download

Google Updates

2.  Google Forms

    • Now has the ability to copy questions from quiz to quiz
    • Applications
  1. Google Expedition feature
    • Summer 2019 available on Chromebooks
  1. Chromebook App Hub
  2. Where in the world is carmen santiago 
  3. Web and mobile versions of Google Earth
  4. Screencastomatic accepted on the Chrome store
  5. Adobe Spark Collaboration option
  6. Kahoot!
  • More room to write questions
  • Response timer has been extended to 4 minutes
  • Drag and drop questions into a new order
  • Autosaving your work

10. GimKit

  • New Feedback options

11. WriQ

  • Keeps track of writing, grammar, customizable rubrics
  • WriQ is an extension for Google Docs that automatically grades papers digitally. It’s faster, more accurate and consistent than traditional manual and subjective grading – giving students, parents and teachers clear visibility of writing progress over time against peers and standardized norms.

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