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399 : Javier San Juan – Can personalization help build out your Amazon business
29th July 2019 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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Have you looked at personalizing your products to help them standout? Javier has found the secret to scaling custom. Automation! Isn’t that the thing that has helped your business? Think Scanpower, Inventory Lab, Tactical Arbitrage, repricers, etc. See what can you replace in your business with automation?


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Here is transcript- It is automated so it is not perfect but it does seem to get better over time.

Javier:                                   [00:00]                     Well, no, no. Like I do actually the opposite. Like, well, when I go into something like I think you obviously, and then I take the decision and then when I realized that probably was a mistake, I tried to go back and try to figure out what was the reason, see if I could fix it. And sometimes I shouldn’t do that. If something doesn’t work, we should have stopped, for example, get rid of the machine. And then, uh, yeah, keep, keep working. What works. Works for us better. But, um, when the, I don’t know, I always like try new things and, and that’s why I usually, I’m like, I go lean and I’m like, I don’t like, like borrowing money or like, you’re like, I don’t like, for example, leasing things.

Cool voice guy:                  [00:41]                     Welcome to the ecommerce momentum podcast where we focus on the people, the products, and the process of ecommerce selling. Today. Here’s your host, Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                             [00:55]                     Hey, wanted to take a second and talk about Gaye Lisby and Garry’s, Amazon seller tribe and their daily lists that are put out, um, and incredible stories that you can read if you go out and check out. Amazing forward slash momentum hyphen arbitrage. I know that’s a lot to put in there. Amazing. forward slash momentum dash Arbitron and you’re going to get 14 day free trial, no money risk, no, no challenges. You don’t want it when you’re done, you get out. But imagine getting list. I’m as grateful as like to call it mailbox money. I love that term. Mailbox money. It’s where you can work from your house, buy things online, have them delivered to you and then sell them on various marketplaces. But imagine you can have somebody else do that for you. So you want to buy time, you want to control, uh, what they’re buying.

Stephen:                             [01:51]                     Well, you take these lists and you can join multiple lists if you’re interested, and then you can segregate them for the merchandise you want and send them to them. They can make purchases for you on your behalf. Have it delivered to you or delivered to them for prep. Boom, sent into these marketplaces and you could sell. How about that? Wouldn’t that be awesome? I spoke at their conference and there were so many million dollar sellers just using online arbitrage, it’s still available. And again, 14 days, the only way you’re going to get 14 day free trial. So if you come through my link, I’m, it is an affiliate link. They do pay me. So I don’t want to mislead you in any way. Um, I would appreciate it, but I’d like to see you try the 14 days. I’ve had so many people that have joined, have so much success.

Stephen:                             [02:34]                     It’s very exciting to me and you know, quite humbling to me, um, that they trust me to recommend this group and I hundred percent recommend this group. I’ve seen the results. These are great people that will also teach you to fish. This isn’t just a, hey, here’s the list. You’re on your own. No, this is, hey, here’s why that wasn’t a good deal over here. Hey, there’s another opportunity and you get to join their groups. And it’s just a phenomenal group of people. Um, just great, great, uh, leaders in that group. And these lists are phenomenal. So again, it’s amazing. Forward slash momentum, hyphen arbitrage. Amazing., forward slash momentum hyphen arbitrage. Use that get two weeks free. Try it. You don’t like it, drop out, but give it a shot if you want to add that to your business. Welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast.

Stephen:                             [03:23]                     This is episode 399, Javier San Juan. Awesome, awesome story. A personalization. Um, let’s see. Printing laser engraving, uh, embroidery. Um, you know, putting names on pens you don’t think about that are printing custom notepads with your name on ’em or vinyl banner signs or you name it, everything that’s custom done. Somebody who does that work and Javier San Juan has figured out how to do it at scale. And again, it’s all process and software, right? Really figuring that out and it’s such a great story. I’m such a cool guy. Let’s get into the podcast. All right, welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast. We’re excited about today’s guest from across the pond, right way across the pond, Madrid, Spain, Javier, Cyan wan Welcome, Javier.

Javier:                                   [04:16]                     Hi. How’s it going? It’s going well. It’s going well. How’s it going in your neck of the woods in no bed. Like there’s a high bit of working on the aids. It’s a bit hot. Like right now, like in summer he gets out quite hot, but today’s actually know about that bad. There is a few clouds so it’s easier to do some work. It’s, it’s funny

Stephen:                             [04:36]                     we had a conversation yesterday because we’re both in the personalization side of Amazon’s business and we were talking about, we were comparing temperatures in the warehouse. I don’t have air conditioning in our warehouse. I have it in the offices. So magically I happen to be working in the offices as much as I can this week. How about for you?

Javier:                                   [04:54]                     Uh, we actually don’t have any air conditioning either in the office or like a warehouse. We use round with fans, but the, we have the warehouses like a bit under the ground and the office as well. So it keeps a bit cooler. Like half of it is like covered by dirt so it doesn’t get as hot as when he’s like four walls out of, in the, uh, in the air. So it’s a, it’s not that, that, that hot in here.

Stephen:                             [05:20]                     All right. And let’s, let’s go up front. So people understand, you sell on which platforms? Currently

Javier:                                   [05:28]                     a I selling Amazon us, I mean, uh, in the, uh, in Europe, like in Amazon as well in Europe and UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy. And um, and will we sell a little bit of own Ebay and we have our own sites like for these other like, um, the like the personalization type of thing that we do, promotional items. We have our own ecommerce ecommerce site. Yeah.

Stephen:                             [05:55]                     It’s not a little site. I’ve been to it. Um, and what’s cool was I can confer, I can translate it from Spanish to uh, um, English and there it’s not a little site. You’ve got a lot of skews that you carry on that site, correct?

Javier:                                   [06:11]                     Well, yeah, there is quite a few. Like not all of them who haven’t in our own warehouse. Like some of them we are, we have a supplier that is very close to us. We can get in in within a day. But yeah, it’s like over probably over like counting colors and all that. It could be like easily over 5,000 skews.

Stephen:                             [06:30]                     And do you have plans to get to 10,000 skews? Correct?

Javier:                                   [06:34]                     Yeah. Yeah, probably very soon. Like we’re changing the site to be able so the customers have it much more easy to do these all the personalization and uh, when that is it’s working will be easier for us to like process the orders and probably we’ll have a few more suppliers we have not get on the site.

Stephen:                             [06:53]                     When, when, um, do you also supply um, retailers or local in Madrid Co uh, companies, uh, customers who are asking for stuff to not,

Javier:                                   [07:06]                     yeah, some, some, yeah. Sometimes like a small shops like for example, like a gift shops that they, um, they have, I don’t know, like items with the name of the town or the name of the, an area that people goes and visits and does, do tourism and all that. We, we actually supply can some of those. And because we do a lot of weddings, staff, a lot of like wedding planners that they are actually businesses they will, they will purchase stories. Like most of the stuff that we do is like, not like it’s different the Amazon side than the personalization side because the, that’s more like kind of like either like a B2B or, or a bulk, like a wholesale order. Like we wouldn’t sell like one item, it will be more like a hundred or like 50. So usually most of it will be a stores or small companies that need stuff for dinner events and things like that.

Stephen:                             [07:55]                     Now we only do a laser engraving and we have sublimation printers. You can you walk through some of the equipment that you have and the type of personalization that you do?

Javier:                                   [08:05]                     Well, we do a video of everything. We do a screen printing, we do pad printing, we do, um, I don’t know how it’s called in English, but like thermal printing, we do, uh, like a normal like vinyls and all that in. Some are like, uh, uh, garments. We do. What else we do, we have a laser, we have two lasers. One of them is, it’s, um, is for metal and things like that. And the other one for like, um, like wooden or other materials or else we do, we have, we do, we have like a, like a sticker printing machine, uh, like, like vinyls and all that. And then we do, um, we do have a machine coming in that is like a UV printing for like printing, like multicolor on almost any flat surface. And I know if I forgot anything,

Stephen:                             [08:56]                     no. And I think everybody’s gonna be like, wait, what? And then you also outsource, um, your, uh, so you’ll do, um, oh Geez. We were just talking about it before the call. You, you’ll actually do embroidery, but you outsource that.

Javier:                                   [09:10]                     Yes, we do. We actually personalize almost in any like, okay, we have a client, we have a corporate client that calls us and says like, oh, we need a, like this, this, and this for an event. And we need some, like, I don’t know, like Polos with, uh, with the logo embroidered and we don’t have it. We, um, we, we would like outsource that. Or for example, if we get like this lambing, like we’re only three people do, we know these. Sometimes we get like it comes like the BBC period and we will be very busy. So sometimes we need to outsource some of some of the big orders that we don’t want to do. So like isn’t it like we don’t want to do but it will like get us slowed down in a few areas. But um, but yeah, like things like embroidering that takes too long and um, and we don’t have like the machine because uh, we don’t think he’s is worth it for us. So we will outsource it to somewhere else. But many other types of printing, sometimes we have outsource as well. For example, we don’t like print on paper and we will go to like a local printer to get stuff known for that. Like, like tags, name tags and things like that. For the grind yards that we do for a lot of events, we will outsource like the name tags and all of those things.

Stephen:                             [10:21]                     Well, and I think it’s critical as people heard that all those different machines now they do outsource with three people. Okay. So that, that’s mind blowing because the volume you guys are doing and you’re doing huge volumes and here’s the key software. Correct. I mean process and software. If you didn’t have process and software figured out, could you handle half the volume you have now?

Javier:                                   [10:45]                     Yeah. No, no, no, not possible. No. It’s very important. Yeah. Impossible. It will be a, it will be hard. That’s one of the key things. Like I really like, I’m a geeky person, I like doing many things and that’s why ended up having a lot of machines because like to do the things myself and see how things work and ended up doing that. But this like the same with software. Like I’m uh, I’m geeking there. I’m a developer and sometimes like these little like, um, programs that will just help you to have, will actually help the customer for example, to make sure that they do the whole order or the whole, like when they do the design of the product, what you will get at the end is...