Episode 47: HORRORHOUND WEEKEND Cincinnati
9th December 2011 • ScreamQueenz: Where Horror Gets GAY! • Patrick K. Walsh
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Episode 47: It's time, Screamerz, for me to try to tackle at least some of the excitement and debauchery that beset the quiet suburb of Sharonville the weekend of November 17. And what fun would it be to do it alone! I'll be joined by two very special guests: both world famous author ROBERT R. BEST and BRIAN from BIG GAY HORROR FAN will be joining me to try to piece together the gaping booze-induced holes in my memory. And my underwear. We'll be dishing the dish on the backwoods slasher DOWN THE ROAD. lighting the fuse on the explosive Argentinian flick COLD SWEAT, and putting on our big boy pants to tackle all the potty humor unleashed in CHILLERAMA! Make yourself extra comfy, because this is one long mofo of a show.

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