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ELLIOTT HULSE - Having the Strength To Evolve
2nd December 2020 • Guild of Dads: The Home of Dadprovement • Joe Horton
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My guest today is Strongman, Strength Coach and CEO of Strength Camp - Elliott Hulse.

In a time where there are countless challenges facing young men and men as a whole, Elliott travels the world holding Grounding Camps that use tribal dancing, breathing and active meditation, to help men, break free from self-limiting beliefs. We delve into masculinity, role models, cultural marxism and feminism along with how we as men can evolve to become stronger in taking on life's challenges

In todays conversation I delve into the following with Elliott:

  • His strong male upbringing and how he didn't always fit in at school to the point of them trying to put him on medication.
  • How starting his YouTube channel put in in contact with men and why he educated himself on how he could help men.
  • The issue he sees with young men in particularly being seduced by pornography and sex which is effecting their testosterone.
  • The cyclical nature of life and how he has gone through distinct changes in his own life.
  • A number of tactics you can use today to transform the tone of your marriage very quickly indeed
  • What we can learn from history, mythology and religion

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