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How to Get Higher Returns with Real Estate Syndication | Ep. 263
Episode 26314th September 2023 • Money Talk With Tiff • Tiffany Grant
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Are you looking to get more from your investments? Real estate syndication may be the way! Tiffany Grant and Stephanie Walter discuss the ins and outs of this lucrative investing opportunity.

Learn how the JOBS Act of 2012 changed syndication in a big way, plus discover what qualifications you need to be an accredited investor. Plus get insider tips from Stephanie on researching a location before investing, and learn all about her new book "Shattering Money Myths".

Discover why real estate syndication can provide higher returns than REITs - listen now!

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About Our Guest

Stephanie Walter is a legacy cash flow specialist, capital raiser, syndicator, real estate investor and the CEO of ERBE Wealth. Prior to founding her investment group, Stephanie followed her dream of being an entrepreneur and started her own insurance agency. It was one of the largest, most highly awarded agencies in Colorado. She recently retired and sold her insurance agency of 16 years by following the key principles she now teaches professionals to use.

  Over years of working with her investors, Stephanie discovered that the very wealthy view and use money differently than the rest of us; they actively have their money working for them -- sometimes at several places at the same time! Stephanie realized these strategies can be used by anyone, not just the rich. Her passion is teaching people to “unlearn” what most of us have been wired to think about money and re-educating people on attaining wealth that can be passed onto the next generation.

My goal is to connect my select group of investors with investment opportunities that I’ve found and vetted to be extremely desirable. And at the end of the day, I’m really looking to help my investors reach their financial goals.

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