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The Frum Entrepreneur - Nachum Kligman 7th June 2015
11: Interview with Dovid Mark from Fundz
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11: Interview with Dovid Mark from Fundz

Very informative interview with Dovid Mark, Founder of Fundz.co. We learn about how a deadly bout with malaria brought him to becoming a Bal-Teshuva and leaving him a desire to help startups that come from communities that don’t have the built in support like we do in the USA and Israel. Fascinating story and you will learn a lot about equity crowdfunding and social responsibility.

Name: Dovid Mark

Website: www.fundz.co

LinkedIn: Dovid on LinkedIn

Twitter: @DawdMark

Dovid Mark


People, Companies, Products & Books Mentioned in this Podcast


New Paltz, NY

Ohr Somayach

Aish HaTorah


Five Blocks




GE Ventures


Article in Forbes on the Title III of the Jobs Act

Impact Investing

Sean Ndiho Obedih


Book Recommendation: The Lean StartUp by Eric Ries


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