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Ep. 42 | The Modern Mortgage Professional with Danny Horanyi
Episode 4215th April 2024 • The 360 Experience • Tim Braheem
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Tim Braheem Interviews Danny Horanyi

Danny Horanyi brings over 20 years of mortgage experience and wisdom to this conversation with Tim. His innovative approach to his role as an originator and as a high level executive within the mortgage industry provide the listener with much to ponder and valuable insights in todays changing mortgage landscape.

You Will Learn:

  1. Why every person on your team needs to be a lead generator and how to do it
  2. The importance of the Perfect Loan Process
  3. What you need to do to have the confidence to ask for referrals
  4. Why the mortgage professional of the future needs to offer a broad spectrum of value
  5. The three key moments of celebration on every loan

Who is Danny Horanyi?

Danny is a husband and father of two kids in San Diego, California. In his life and in business, Danny always emphasizes community and the spirit of friendship and care. At NEO Home Loans, Danny brings that spirit into the mortgage industry. Specifically noting that the loan closing is never the end of the relationship with a client; it’s the beginning. Danny loves guiding people on their journey towards financial freedom with a lifetime of advice. Outside of work, Danny is a board game enthusiast and a friend to many. His favorite place is sitting with friends by a fire pit with a bottle of wine and some great conversation.

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