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The Power of Small Audiences
23rd July 2019 • Social Post • MeetEdgar
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Is bigger always better?

If you look at most commentary from social media experts, then the answer would be yes. Everything is about a bigger audience, more followers, higher reach.

Social media influence is too often defined by how many people like your stuff.

But recent trends are signaling a change.

Instagram is experimenting with hiding like counts. YouTube is adjusting how they show subscriber counts. Even Mark Zuckerberg himself has said that Facebook is transitioning away from the Newsfeed into a “privacy-focused communications platform.”

It’s beginning to look like an audience of millions and thousands of likes aren’t necessary for social media success. And that should have you doing this…

You don’t need millions of followers to see success. You don’t have to solely focus on attracting more and more people to your content. You can start seeing results from your audience now!

Now we know what you’re thinking…

“You’re trying to tell us that it won’t matter how many followers we have?!”

The answer is yes and no. Confusing, right?

Take a deep breath cause we’re about to explain what that means. Spoiler alert! This is a good thing for you – no matter how many followers you have.

If you’re a content creator or you’re building a business, then you should always be looking to expand your reach. You will always want more people to know about you, your message or your business. If you want to grow, your audience will need to grow.

But growing your audience doesn’t necessarily mean that your business or content will grow with it.

Read that one more time.

Got it? Here it is once more for good measure.

Having a big audience doesn’t always translate into massive sales.

The key is to have an engaged audience. 100 engaged followers are much more valuable than 10,000 unengaged followers.

You can cultivate an engaged audience with any number of followers. In fact, it’s easier to to do this with a smaller audience.

So even if you have 97 Twitter followers, you might be in a better place to see results from your audience than someone with 9,700 followers!

Let’s take a look at the benefits of having a smaller audience and then we’ll talk about the steps you should take to amplify your engagement and deepen your connection with your active followers.

The Power of Smaller Audiences

Author and marketing expert Seth Godin might not have a small audience but he does understand the power of them. Seth believes in the “minimum viable audience” or focusing on the smallest market possible that you can adequately serve.

According to Seth, we can’t please everyone and we shouldn’t try to please everyone. We should focus on serving the right people because “when you seek to engage with everyone, you rarely delight anyone.” Your audience deserves to be delighted because delighted audiences keep following, trusting, coming back for more and they tell their friends.

Small audiences are powerful because it’s easier to connect with them personally and individually. You can truly get to know your audience, what they need, and how you can best serve them.

When we first started our Twitter chat, the #SoloBizChat last fall, we only had a handful of people joining in on our chat for the first weeks. This ended up being a huge opportunity for us because we’re able to get to know our audience, ask them questions and remember not only who they were, but the details of their businesses and their lives.

We were able to build a solid fanbase of people who loved our Twitter chat. Now, months later, our chat has grown but our original...