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284. Fencing for Critters and Pests | Jennifer Smith | DeerBusters | Waynesboro, PA
5th August 2019 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Jennifer Smith a Rockstar Millennial is here from DeerBusters today to tell us about fencing.

DeerBusters has been leading the fencing industry for over 30 years with reliable DIY garden fence in poly and metal fence materials for homes, farms, forests, colleges, orchards, vineyards, and gardens. We are proud to work with wildlife conservation agencies and landscape architects as well as deer farmers who are looking to keep in deer and elk herds with our fencing. 

Don’t forget to ask about Jon Moore – portable fence

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in S Florida, I was always an outdoor enthusiast.

I was brought up with this preconceived notion that Bambi is innocent and cute. Then I grew up and realized:

Deer are very destructive most come about animal between farmers and gardeners

IDK I still think deer are pretty cute, they are all over the place although we have had our struggles with deer in the garden and can cause a lot of heart break, also, lyme disease is a very dangerous disease. 

No, you’re right it’s not just a problem for gardeners, lyme disease is certainly an issue for 

  • campers
  • hikers
  • pet owners

A lot of owners are not aware their pets can get lyme disease because they are not aware that deer can drop the ticks in the yard.

tick species out there

vector dieseases

pets and humans

other wireline

reroute the deer

reduce the amount of diseases

animal and animal and people

Tell me about your first gardening experience?

I remember growing strawberries with my mom in our backyard. That was something that was very touching and personal for me

We never really had a deer problem in South Florida, I grew up on the beach, I never saw a deer until I went to College around Tampa.

new to me

moved up north

mid-atlantic region in Maryland

deer are everywhere

deer destruction in gardens

It is a serious problem

Not just Florida, or Maryland or penn

How can DeerBusters help people with their deer problems?

DeerBusters is located in Waynesboro, PA

We work with many different

  • homeowner
  • pet owners
  • landscapers

to protect

We offer

do it yourself deer fencing and plastic and metal fence options

offer for unique gardener.

You’re right Long Island is a huge problem, deer love the landscape there! It’s a huge territory for us. 

I think one of the reason on Long Island there’s lots of amazing nature walks and places that probably encourage the deer. They can be vicious when they have their babies born they can fight off our dogs.

Deer breeding season happened at the end of the year

People should start to see baby fawns in the next couple of weeks

even more deer

does are protective of their young

stay with mother before they go off on their own

more deer

deer movement is going to bring wildlife encounters with pets

Do you want to talk about the diy fences a little? I know my husband is really good at putting up fences that last a long time, but if it was me it’d be falling down in not much time.

so for do it yourself project

you don’t need to be that handy

fun instructions on the website

I’ve even done it

You need just a

  • few basic tools
  • maybe some helpful friends
  • within a day or tow

Tell us about something that grew well this year.

Yes, I actually grew tomatoes and ironically, deer love tomatoes. 

I was a little nervous, and I was like I’ll just go down and do it, so I grew these beautiful tomatoes and now I love gardening!

I encourage anyone who is interested in starting a vegetable garden, to go out there and try it, it will get you in touch with nature and you will have more appreciation of where your food comes from and being sustainable.

That’s something I love about my podcast it gets me out in the garden more!

Is there something you would do different next year or want to try/new?

I think I want to try peppers. I’m really into peppers and salads so that might be my next venture.

I think peppers and tomatoes go really together. 

Is it cold in Pennsylvania? That’s something we struggle with getting tomatoes to ripen.

so the cold weather can be challenging

various techniques

  • move plants inside
  • cold frame
  • drape them over with sheets

something to insulate the plants

Something to think about as you move forward

Tell me about something that didn’t work so well this season?

I only grew tomatoes it was a starter project for my new house. It  was successful so I am going to continue the trend and work my way up!

I think that is a good point for beginning gardens

don’t get too ambitious

It’s a labor of love and it can get expensive quickly

try a few techniques

Which activity is your least favorite activity to do in the garden?

I’m so bad about pulling weeds but it’s such an important part

It might be the most important

suffocate plants and completely kill off your entire garden


I was so bad about watering when I first started I just assumed they would get all their nutrient

Watering especially when it’s getting warm outside, it’s important to water early in the morning

heat of the sun scoops up all the moisture

I love that, I created this book called the Green Queen, I ran into this friend of mine, who was watering in the afternoon instead of evening and the water was just evaporating as we stood there. I’ve been wondering all along what do you do if you go no-till, what do you do with the weeds. I finally learned is don’t pull the weeds, cut the weeds, and let it sit there. Don’t actually pull the weeds out of the ground, cover it with a good mulch.

A lot of people have said their favorite tool is a good hoe.

 I considered growing them in pots

just outside in the backyard

What is your favorite activity to do in the garden?

Yes, that’s funny that you said that.

I absolutely love the fruit of my labor so to speak

It’s so amazing to see your handwork and enjoying

You really get to see how sustainable

You realize that gardening can feed a family of four for over a month!

It takes a lot of maintenance but it’s totally worth it!

I love that. Mike likes to grow our food for a year but we’re not all the way there yet. Mike spoils me, I didn’t have to go to the store from August till November, even longer this year and now I am having to go buy produce again and it’s so frustrating.

IT’s a cost savings

If you would just start your garden, you would realize how much you’re saving and your feeding your family more nutritious food and better quality things

you know


this that and the other


What is the best gardening advice you have ever received?

The best gardening advice I have ever received was

  • to take things slowly
  • not put all your eggs in one basket
  • take one step at a time

If you want to plant tomatoes just do one thing

Do your research before you dig into the ground!

if you do not do your research it’s going to fall apart

read up on the type of vegetable

do they need direct sunlight?

Do they need water?

Certain soil types?

All of these are going to affect whether your garden is going to grow or not!

You are so right there! Mike and I have been pouring through the seed catalogs, I love do your research and start small!

A favorite tool that you like to use? If you had to move and could only take one tool with you what would it be, didn’t you just move?

I did, yes, I have a new house.

I think there are many tools that are great starter tools

first of all you need a great pair of gloves

I started out with cheap gloves and doesn’t cut it

You will really appreciate it after a couple of hours in the garden

  • great watering can
  • great shovel
  • wheelbarrow

top three

I would definitely get a wheel barrow to move things around.

Bionic Garden GlovesBionicGlovesCutting.jpg

Have you ever heard of bionic gloves I’ve been wanting to get those for my mom?

Yes, I’ve used those, those are perfect.

A favorite recipe you like to cook from the garden?

I’m really into Italian food so just making my own tomato sauce is beautiful, I love cooking.

Mmm yeah, I love homemade tomato sauce with a little garlic and olive oil yum!

A favorite internet resource?

I’m I actually float around to different Dept of Wildlife and Forest Websites

they don’t just give tips on gardening

Yes so for white tailed deer the most effective is a fence

people want a 7 1/2′ to 8′ foot high fence

coyotes and wolves

can get away with a 6 foot high metal fence

For Rabbits only need like 2-3 feet high

but the main problem with rabbits and even ground hogs

burrow and create tunnels

These pesky critters can be troubling and can be a headache for gardeners

Should dig a trench a rabbit 6-12” to prevent borrowing


the second thought for wildlife management

is to plant deer resistant flowers

  • marigolds
  • daffodils
  • verbena
  • garlic

deer and rabbits hate the taste and smell of

They may take a few bites but they hate the taste and smell will turn their nose and walk away

The last thought is they can sprinkle deer repellents around the yard

granular or liquid based

usually have:

  • hot pepper
  • garlic

I interviewed another Rockstar Millennial Kristi Waterworth in episode 169 from GardenKnowHow and she said:

Natural Deer Repellant

There are so many deer there!

One of the ways they say is to put a fence up and hang onions on it. I think it works if you don’t actually have deer. But what does work is if you have old pie pans and you hang them off the fence, anything that will make a lot of noise and that will scare the deer because they’re skittish pest animals.

also things that ed

yes, even laser pointers

As long as there’s a noise or some kind of light that will startle them

shinny paper or even scare crows that get rid of birds

It’s to startle them and derail them! Those are all good tactics

What about the portable electric fencing? I know Jon Moore was interested in portable electric fencing. And I know the problem we have is predators getting into our chickens.

so electric fencing is a really good technique

It’s actually the number one technique for people in bear country.

I go so crazy, I’m like we live in the woods if you don’t want a bear in your yard why are you living here?

bears are coming out of hibernation

been away for a couple of months

electric fencing for bear deterrent

Gardeners also use electric fencing for deer management

peanut butter

deer at bay

Use electric fencing for coyotes

especially for poultry farmers who have chickens or turkeys

any other type of bird

electric fencing

doesn’t have to be plastic or metal

Any sort of deterrent to keep animals at bay