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WE Have Cancer - Lee Silverstein EPISODE 157, 11th August 2020
Managing Peripheral Neuropathy With Dr. Dana Cardinas
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Managing Peripheral Neuropathy With Dr. Dana Cardinas

Dr. Dana Cardinas was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy two years before being diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer.

During our conversation she shares how her neuropathy ultimately led to her cancer diagnosis and the work she and others are doing to minimize the often debilitating effects of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy.

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Dana's blog - https://nervesmatter.com/

ASCO abstract: "Patient initiated approach to prevent oxaliplatin induced peripheral neuropathy: A social media experiment" - https://meetinglibrary.asco.org/record/188651/abstract

Colontown - https://www.facebook.com/COLONTOWN/

Nerve glide exercise video - https://youtu.be/loUuq7rPTH0

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