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Episode 25: A Crypto-Conversation iCoinPro Co-Founder Justin Clark
16th December 2022 • Innovation Tech Talks • Innovation & Tech Today
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Cryptocurrency investing is not for the faint of heart or risk-averse. Since the first block in Bitcoin’s network was mined in 2009, the flagship cryptocurrency has had a wild ride. Adopters had to hold on for dear life as the rollercoaster hit Everest-like highs and Death Valley lows. 

Analysts can’t seem to come to a consensus on the ultimate fate of Bitcoin, and choosing the next breakout altcoin is little more than gambling. That’s why Justin Clark, co-founder of iCoinPro and developer of the Micro Profit system, engineered a trading software that focuses on movement in the market. Rather than trying to predict long-term momentum, Micro Profit software calculates patterns in daily trade volume to alert users to small windows of potential profit. 




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