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077: Brandon Straza | Release Limiting Beliefs
Episode 7724th January 2022 • Purpose Through Pain • Joseph James
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Host of The Mastermind Effect Podcast, Brandon Straza believes that the right mastermind can be the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to personal development which is why he created The Success Finder App that focuses on helping cut through the noise, invest in oneself, and move past our natural limits. Learn more about working through our limiting beliefs, defining success, and more!

On this episode:

  • Brandon shares the “No’s” in his life which are the reasons why he does what he does today
  • Learn about the Champion’s mindset
  • Learn ways on how to navigate the feeling of self-doubt
  • How we can define success
  • Learn why ourself is the greatest investment

Key Takeaways:

  • The byproduct of solving a problem is money
  • Choose to be helpful over being right
  • You can take charge of your own success
  • Self-doubt will always creep in and we just have to recognize it every time
  • Everything in life is sales
  • Learn from your past so you can have the opportunity to not make the same mistake

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