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How Your Movement Practices Will Impact Your Life | Max Shank Interview
Episode 422nd October 2021 • The Mindful Movement Podcast and Community • Sara and Les Raymond
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In this episode Les chats with Max Shank, author, gym owner, and all around interesting man. Max is a wealth of knowledge in the realm of movement, and is a great communicator of useful life lessons. Max had a tremendous impact on Les’ journey of exercise education and in this interview Les gets the opportunity to share that experience with Max. Hope you enjoy!

Max Shank: He has written 3 books and taught over a hundred courses in countries around the world. These experiences have allowed him to help 10's of Thousands of people across the globe improve their lives through physical fitness. Max also operates the best damn gym in Encinitas, CA (Southern California) called Ambition Athletics, where hundreds more get better every day.

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